Monday, November 15, 2010

"Who cares if we disagree?"

This refrain, found in the hit song "King of Anything" by Sara Boreilles, is repeatedly heard throughout pop music stations. I sort of have had a pet peeve with this sort of sentiment for a long time. I intend to delve further.
The lyrics in the song imply how someone is staring her down as she looks out the window and is lecturing her and her response is "who died and made you king of anything?"
My simply reply to her question, "who cares if you disagree", is (my voice)"apparently you, you nagging, whiny, condescending, unnattractive, overglorified entertainer." I mean seriously, the entire song was carefully constructed to bag on this anonymous figure who has a sara-admitted difference of opinion. Meanwhile, she makes herself seem like a helpless bystander that is just a helpless victim in need of empowerment. Honestly, I dont think it's "who cares if we disagree" or "you dare tell me who to be", because beyond the crafted facade I read between the lines and here "you dare to do disagree".
Anyhow, this is entirely microcosmic to what's wrong with the American scoiety today. There's this sort of Avant Guarde approach to conversations that glorifies lack of opinion and promotes apathy. So many people adoopt this idea that they are the chosen ones and only they can see all sides of a debate or opinion and look down on those who have obviously selected an opinion. In the words of the rock band Rush,"you can choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
As if something is wrong with having views or opinions? Nonsense. Although it is ignorant not to try to understand and appreciate others views, it is only admirable and respectable to stand by your own. From time to time you can change, develop, and adapt to better viewpoints to your situation.
And to all you people thinking "heh, that's your opinion", all I can say is talk is cheap buddy. You talk about open mindedness but where's the action?

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm BACK!!! 2010

Well, the 14 month war against "time" has finally ended and I now declare and I now do hereby decree peace and tranquility to all in this wonderful kingdom as well as you, the visitors. Still not much time to edit, so bear with me.
First item. In the outer world, we have extremely consequential elections tommorow. The new "tea party" is motivated to nominate fresh ordinary people to replace mostly Democrats as well as Republicans who have on different occasions acted like Democrats to them. The proposed solutions are shrink government, lower taxes, oppose green agendas, and most obnoxiously, to perpetually degrade Democratic candidates. As for this King, I simply hope the victories result in a republican victory to place a gridlock on the branches of government. This will help me an many other employing companies to mind their own businesses again and take risks without wories of a proactive federal government.
Second item. The "Great One" must be treated with the utmost reverance. If not, the consequences are imeasurable. The Great One can thus become the Dark one! In the "Time war" many of foe has fell at that hand.
I do not have any more information at this time as I lack the energy to exert more royal brain power. But do not fear, this will not be the end.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Time Has Come!

I have finally returned. After an arduous summer of a war with yarde waste, Gregoria's King has returned! I have many glorious tales to share with you, but so many I must condense them into a small blog.

First things first, SUMMER '09 review!!!!!!!

ENTERTAINMENT(10 of 10): The end of network television shows commenced a beautiful caccon of multiplayer video gaming. We actually started with FAble 2 got a little bored and found our good friends Matt and Brittney were playing Halo 3 online. It was sweet. It got Kathy and I a bit nostalgic so we bought Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2. We then later added Call of Duty 2 and World at War to our collection to play. As an anniversary gift Kathy got me a PS3. Now we play LIttle Big Planet frequently. As for movies we didn't geo out a whole lot, but we saved serious money and saw the major must sees, Star Trek, Wolverine,and Harry Potter. Our netflix blu ray kicks serioun hind end.

Work(5 of 10): I was sunburing all the time on only one arm and have racoon suntan on my face. Work loads were heavy and days were long in the beginning but got comfortably shorter. Kathy was losing it with her unorganized bookstore.

FOOD(8 of 10): We have Papa Johns! We also have pretty much any restaraunt we want within a mile or 2. We have tried so many things and have found great successes. We fell in love with a place called "Hello Yogurt". We live next to Sunflower Market, a natural foods store that sells produce at great prices( and everything else is expensive with a snooty organic label). My only complaint is significant, and that is that we were pigging out a little.

ANNIVERSARY(7 of 10): WE should have gone somewhere. We stayed to save little cash and things felt like a rushed weekend with a lot of activities. Having said that, it was as good as it could pssibly be with the aforementioned parameters. We camped in the backyard, had a big BBQ, saw a movie, hung around the mall, Kat had a shopping spree, I got a PS3, had a homemade Italian dinner, we hiked 2 miles, went out to eat plenty, and checked out some cool art!

FINANCES(10 of 10): SAvings is great, 2 credit cards paid off, and everything else is within sight. What a way to start Kathy's new school year.

Well my reports can be a bit time consuming so must depart, but I will be back with more on our new house and other crazy stuff!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The update

Much has transpired and unfortunatetly, it seems the "Bobs" have won the battle but not the war. We have attemted to move the island. In fact we almost turned into a continent you could call a house. My good friend at work offered us a great deal, but I was a happy loser as he attained a better deal.
It has been unanymously decided we should continue to erase debt and manage the former mentioned problem more effectively. I repeat to the great one "time and patience". The promised land doth await those who are worthy. Besides, I don't trust this market for a minute, I only trusted my friend.
We saw other condos and apartments and to be brief, they were overpriced, too small, or had small issues such as internet connectability.
Well that's the update for now. May the Bobs not be with you.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Okay, Okay. It seems the great one has had a sore spot for a certain intolerable "disturbance" for some time now. In this nice world we created for ourselves and those who care about us, there has been a slight invasion. We'll just call them ..... the alliance or..... the unamericans...or the heck with the name callings, I like the Bobs.
The Bobs are dead set enlightening us occasionally and telling us the world is going to die. The Bobs give us a garden and micromanage the life out of it, literally. The Bobs have produced a literal nutcase of an offspring. The Bobs whisper echoes of discontent where our ears cannot reach.The Bobs voted for Obama in states that they don't live. The Bobs sabotage our laundry. And most unsettingly, the Bobs seem to know all our private doings and speakings.
After great discussion of this calamity, the great one has convinced me it is neccessary to move the island. I shall more on this later.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The following is a review of the complete month of March 2009 in Gregoria.


Wow did we have fun. First we watched all three seasons of Arrested Development and I must say that was one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. We also become engulfed be the sensation of killing zombies in Resident Evil 5. American Idol started and we love Adam and Danny. We finally embraced Heroes for being on track again. Chuck is just as stellar as it was in the fall. We are also stargazing as we watch the new lost. Only complaint is we need to do stuff not on the t.v., but with our t.v., who cares?

Work/School: 6 of 10

Well I, King Greg, have had a good month. More hours, training, different routes have helped me to earn prestige with superiors and fellow employees and helped our greenbacks too. Unfortunately, the Great One is afflicted with all manner of ills due to the vile workplace and the school has turned out to be quite a bully stealing most of her time.

Food: 4 of 10

We've become nervous as the nasty school bully has stolen most of the Great One's time. Evil pizzas and burgers are plaguing us as we speak, but we've uncovered some progress in eliminating sodas and severely decreasing sweet intakes. not bad since we still are losing a little weight.

Relationship: 10 of 10

Honestly, did you expect any less? if so come know to know your king and the great one.

Finances: 8 of 10

Very solid. Not the high target we had our sights on but we are infinitely better off than we were a month ago showing steady reliable progress.

Well that's it for our review. I want to thank all of the loving citizens who continually keep up with our lovely kingdom. We wish you the best.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Government takeovers


We've been hearing a lot lateley about AIG executives and how evil they are. This sort of rant is nothing new as we've been incited to anger concerning oil companies and their profits as well as healthcare being a disaster. The solution is always the same. Let government take it over. HUH?
Okay, first of all let us analyze what exactly did these guys did. They made money. They had bonuses contingent upon their success(underwritten by HR Dodd by the way). This all looks greedy to some and rather than think it seems to be easier to adopt the way of thinking of pick up a sign and whine. Do we really think government is insulated to greed. Seriously, especially politicians.
AIG is just a company. The idea is if you disagree with where you put your money, you can put it elsewhere. FOrcing an organization to produce a good or service while controlling their benefit or incentive can be viewed simarily to slavery. It would be like me telling the great one to cook for me or I'll take everything away from her. Kids, don't try this at home,i don't think i will.
Bottom line there is nothing that keeps government run entities in check. They operate with no boundaries and tell us how we need to think. Don't ever buy this we can run it better stuff.