Monday, November 15, 2010

"Who cares if we disagree?"

This refrain, found in the hit song "King of Anything" by Sara Boreilles, is repeatedly heard throughout pop music stations. I sort of have had a pet peeve with this sort of sentiment for a long time. I intend to delve further.
The lyrics in the song imply how someone is staring her down as she looks out the window and is lecturing her and her response is "who died and made you king of anything?"
My simply reply to her question, "who cares if you disagree", is (my voice)"apparently you, you nagging, whiny, condescending, unnattractive, overglorified entertainer." I mean seriously, the entire song was carefully constructed to bag on this anonymous figure who has a sara-admitted difference of opinion. Meanwhile, she makes herself seem like a helpless bystander that is just a helpless victim in need of empowerment. Honestly, I dont think it's "who cares if we disagree" or "you dare tell me who to be", because beyond the crafted facade I read between the lines and here "you dare to do disagree".
Anyhow, this is entirely microcosmic to what's wrong with the American scoiety today. There's this sort of Avant Guarde approach to conversations that glorifies lack of opinion and promotes apathy. So many people adoopt this idea that they are the chosen ones and only they can see all sides of a debate or opinion and look down on those who have obviously selected an opinion. In the words of the rock band Rush,"you can choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
As if something is wrong with having views or opinions? Nonsense. Although it is ignorant not to try to understand and appreciate others views, it is only admirable and respectable to stand by your own. From time to time you can change, develop, and adapt to better viewpoints to your situation.
And to all you people thinking "heh, that's your opinion", all I can say is talk is cheap buddy. You talk about open mindedness but where's the action?

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